AKu loudspeaker systems are a collection of statements.
It is not easy to fit them in standardized categories, since their design and unique construction sets them apart, virtually creating a new category of their own.
Our efforts focus on pioneering design approaches in order to tackle common issues in current loudspeaker manufacturing & application in tandem with aesthetically pleasing forms and finishes.
Our ultimate goal is to provide the best in audio technologies and solutions for the discerning listener and sound professional, whatever their listening environment might be.

AKu’s flagship. A high precision/patent loaded system capable of delivering true live music dynamics with ease and adapting to any listener and sound environment.
The culmination of a 5-year R&D effort, aimed to achieve perfection in every single detail.

A rare combination of aesthetics and performance. Bringing bold design and studio quality sound to listeners who rightfully, do not accept cubism.

One of the best performing near/midfield monitors in the world which also dares to enter any modern living space. Single piece, cast-aluminum with high precision machining, assembles the ideal foundation for a pair of singular transducers to excel. Available as Ichor and Ichor EB which adds two P.R.s for extended bass response.

AKu’s unique proposition for smaller systems covering home theater and desktop audio applications introducing bold design, in combination with high quality materials and assembly techniques.
Offering configurations of 2.1 | 5.1 | 7.2 sets, with optional wall mount, floor standing and desktop versions.

AKu’s entry level solution with no skimping in craftmanship and materials. Ideal for premium spaces which require a discreet and high-quality sound system for low & medium volume music playback.
μito series can be deployed in various configurations and finished in any color needed to suit the installation environment.

AKu’s iteration on a top-quality Bluetooth loudspeaker.
Approaching its design with zero attachments to standard manufacturing practices.
Athena’s goal is to create a solid omnidirectional sound field without room placement constraints.
Dual high-end drivers collaborating with AKu’s proprietary 360-degree dispersion diffuser achieve a highly accurate and musical
representation throughout the room.
Supported by 200watts of DSP’d amplification and a powerful bottom-firing subwoofer, the end result is an effortless musical
representation of your tracks with true full-range undistorted sound.

AKu MaYa P.P.

You could categorize it as a bookshelf or standmount or a monitor speaker. But it is much more. MaYa ii is a small loudspeaker with a big sound. Painstakingly developed to overcome all typical sound and quality problems of current loudspeaker trends in its category. Accurate with ultra-low distortion and perfect dispersion pattern, capable of creating a pristine soundstage. Active 300Watt setup with room EQ options and full Analog & Digital I/Os, combined with the best materials in its class.