Welcome to the world of AKu.
The finer choice in sound.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our unique audio world.
With us, you will find an alternative approach to reach your audio nirvana.
Advanced loudspeaker systems, built on patents and technologies novel in today’s loudspeaker market.
Our products and solutions cover the needs of sound professionals, high-end enthusiasts as well as home theater aficionados.
A lifelong dream and target of our team was to reach the point where our development and design surpass existing solutions in the global soundscape, without cutting corners.

Why Aku

  • Technology & innovation driven.
  • Thorough knowledge & understanding of sound, music & their physics.
  • Approaching loudspeaker design as a problem-solving process, not just following market trends and practices. With a principle of creating quality through research and long-term testing.
  • The AKu engineering team comes with a strong background in various fields transcending audio, such as: mechanical & electronic systems design/development/integration for security, military, energy, robotics, building automation, shipping, vehicles, command centers and fiber/copper/wireless networks.
  • Direct communication with our clients, understanding and fulfilling their needs with the right product, always in a spirit of complete honesty.
  • After-sales support, with proposals for placement, room acoustics and remote measurements for proper integration.
  • AKu products are made in Europe/Greece under strict quality controlled processes.
  • All the above, contribute to the creation of a singular toolset necessary to pioneer in loudspeaker design & production.

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